5 Amazing Facts about Orange County

Orange County, the 3rd most populous county, is located in the metropolitan of LA in the U.S California State. This adorable city is tagged as the heaven for beach lovers and surfers. Most of the beaches- Seal Beach, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Laguna, Huntington Beach and San Clemente are located on the Pacific coastal region.

These beaches are perfect relaxation points for thousands of tourists from various parts of the world. This county attracts millions of tourists from all over the globe. The top reasons which make it famous are the countless beaches, good tracks and trails and multiple mentions on TV and movies. Some of its facts are revealed below:

  1. It hosts Fortune 500 firms         

Although known for its exotic beaches and relaxation spots, Orange County is the home for many Fortune 500 firms. Firms from multiple realms such as banking, finance, automobiles, healthcare, and technology have their main offices in this part of the Californian State. Mazda, Hyundai, Toyota, Pacific Life, KIA, and Broadcom have their head offices in this county.

  • Many Celebs Live or Lived here

It seems many artists have fallen in love with the many beaches in this county. Many celebrities live or have lived here. Big names such as the late Kobe Bryant, Gwen Stefani, Tiger Woods, and Will Ferrell are residents. It won’t be a surprise if you bump into a celeb as you walk down to the surf point.

  • The Ultimate Surfing Spot

Orange County is the best spot for surfing. None of the various cities can beat Orange County when it comes to surfing spots. Most surfers have found Huntington Beach to be the best surfing spot. Thus, if you are an aspiring surfer or an expert in surfing, you possibly have visited or would like to be here someday.

  • Wild West County

Orange County residents can narrate to you how mind-boggling some of the ancient stories are. For example, they could tell you about the gang of thieves that lived in this county at around 1857. For a long time, stealing and robbery have been a usual escapade in this county. Thus, the stories about the famous Juan Flores- the leader of one of the gangs who is said to have murdered a cop- James Barton, but the police didn’t manage to catch him. However lucky he thought he was, the cops managed to arrest him after eleven days of manhunt. Since then, he never escaped from prison as it was expected by many of his followers.

  • Pirates of Orange County

Bouchard, a famous pirate, sailed from Argentina to California in the year 1818. But when he needed some liquor, the whole crew went to San Juan Capistrano and ate all the food and alcohol. They later sailed away after they consumed all that was in the store.

This is a fascinating story that you may have heard about this county. However, there are other more weird narrations that are true. But the best way to listen to them as you sip a local beer is to pay a visit when the weather is favorable.


As revealed in this article, Orange County is a surefire mix of fame, fun, culture, history, and adventure. Mind-boggling stories and interesting cultural fascinations make it one of the best spots to spend your vacation at. Besides, you can enjoy the various beaches. However, the best thing is to save money for a holiday. The best story about the pirates of Orange County will be told well by a resident rather than just reading. Also, you can enjoy the sandy beaches of Orange County as well as its various surfing activities.